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Relationship Courses

Available Courses

Conversations for Couples

This course will enhance spousal relationships, including knowing the conversations that couples should have during courtship, engagement, and marriage. The acronym F.I.R.S.T assists couples in properly prioritizing what should be first in their relationship.

Conversations for Men

This course will affirm and balance men in their pursuit of life and godliness while addressing some pressing issues men face that can knock them off balance. Candid and interactive dialogue includes overcoming the treacherous trips, traps, and tricks of life and temptation, to the painstaking decision they make in their parental and spousal leadership role. 

Conversations for Women

The Bible describes Martha as being industrious, Mary as being spiritually sensitive, Phoebe as a trusted emissary, Lydia as business-savvy, Pricilla as a ministry-focused teacher, Deborah as having a strategic military mind, and Esther as one who courageously operates behind the scenes. With such diversity in women of the bible, this course will enhance and advance the conversation, the collaboration, and the appreciative value today's women have for ministry, the family, and their social setting. 

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