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General Courses

Available Courses

Writing Skills (Composition & Rhetoric)

This course will refresh and reengage the learner in composition and rhetoric, including comprehending the basics of proper syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure. The objective is for the learner to be more fluent in writing essays, book reports, and prose.

Confronting and Overcoming Deception

This course addresses the many insidious tactics that paralyze or channel a person, leaving them derailed or shipwrecked in life and thus without truth, identity or purpose. The learner will know how to avoid, overcome, and push back against heresy, false doctrine, and the manipulation tactics pervasive today.

Introduction to Ministry Essentials

This 8-week course is a cursory review and analysis of essential topics ministry leaders will most likely experience. Instructions include leadership Integrity and Authority, Hermeneutics and Apologetics, Understanding Yourself and Others, and how to carry out Baptismal and Communion services.

Working with and through the Spirit of Your Leader

This 6-week course emphasizes the leader/follower relationship, including relationships spiritual leaders have with followers who are de facto leaders in their own right. The tender balance between building successors and establishing new leadership footprints is also a topic of discussion so that the pigeonholed effect is avoided or minimized

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