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Sacred Ceremonies

sacred ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies

These courses are designed to instruct and equip students in conducting Sacred Ceremonies related to the Christian faith. Instructions and training include weddings, water baptism, communion, baby dedication, home dedication, and funerals. The learner will receive instructions on methods to carry out sacred ceremonies in the spirit of reverence and honor while maintaining decorum and following appropriate etiquette.

  1. Conducting Wedding Ceremonies
  2. Communion Service
  3. Baby Dedication
  4. Baptism
  5. Home Dedication
  6. Funerals/Home-going Service

Conducting Wedding Ceremonies

To understand the methods to conduct wedding ceremonies (traditional and contemporary), including ensuring state requirements and laws are satisfied and how to provide initial counseling to engaged couples.

Communion Service

To understand and articulate the requirements for participating in communion and ensure proper decorum is maintained when communion is served to the congregants.

Baby Dedication

To understand and provide initial guidance to parents/guardians regarding baby dedication and ensure proper decorum is maintained throughout the dedication service.


To understand and carry out a baptismal service, to include counseling participants of its significance.

Home Dedication

To understand how to dedicate a home for individuals/couples who desire to offer thanksgiving to God for their home.

Funerals/Homegoing Service

To provide introductory grief counseling to the bereaved, officiate a funeral service with dignity and respect to the family and loved ones of the deceased, and maintain proper etiquette and service order.

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